Ancient Egypt and Imhotep

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Pyramid, Edwin Smith Papyrus Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: November 30, 2007
Throughout History there have been few great heroes and inventors that truly changed civilization and made it into what it is today. With such courage, intelligence, and the simple human nature of discovery do these few citizens rise through the hierarchy and shape history. During ancient Egyptian times, there was one individual who was not only an inventor, but a priest, sage, poet, doctor, astrologer, vizier and chief minister (Dunn). He contributed so much to ancient civilizations that he was considered a G-d, not only to the Egyptians, but to the Romans, Greek, and even early Christians. (Dunn) Throughout his life he created pyramids, learned and treated diseases, and performed surgeries (Dunn). Imhotep shaped history throughout his life, though his greatest contributions were to architecture and construction, and his contribution to medicine and the health system. Since Imhotep was no pharaoh or even royal, very little is known of his early life. Imhotep is believed to have been born during the third dynasty during the old kingdom (Malek, 125). He possibly came from a city called anktow which was a small city village in Memphis (Dunn). His Father was an architect named Kanofer and his mother possibly called Khredvonkh (Dunn). When Imhotep was born, he was merely a commoner, but through his intelligence and devotion he rose through the ranks quickly. During his life he accomplished many things. He became one of the high priest's of Heliopolis which was the religious capital of Egypt (Dunn). He was also the first Chief architect of Egypt.

As Imhotep built tombs for pharaohs and queens he always changed the design as he was building them. As he constructed and designed Netjerkhet's stone mastaba, he modified the design five times. Imhotep gradually became aware of the possibilities of using new building material and always used them; he never missed an opportunity (Malek, 11). Imhotep was also skilled in all areas of administration and royal enterprise...
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