Ancient Egypt and Egyptians

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Egypt, Ra Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Ian Clutter
Cultural Anthropology
Evelyn Christner
Egypt: The Quest for Eternity
Much of the historical Egyptian culture was based around the laboring of peasants who were to build monuments which would grant their rulers immortal life. These monuments are presently known as the Pyramids of Egypt, one of the man-made wonders of the world. The religion of the ancient Egyptians held the firm belief of an afterlife. Because of this firm belief, much of the lives of the Egyptians were based around preparing for this life-after-death. The monumental pyramids were seen as ‘super-highways’ to this afterlife. In other words, they granted the kings of Egypt direct passage to demi-god status. Interestingly, there are some similarities between the gods of Egypt and modern day Christianities idol, Jesus Christ. The Egyptian god Osiris died and was born again, according to Egyptian lore. This directly relates to how Jesus died, and after three days, rose again in the form of a spirit. Because of this belief in Osiris, all Egyptians believed in an afterlife, and thought they too would be born again in another world. The world of the Spirit. Much of this Documentary was based around the metaphysical beliefs of the Egyptians, and how those beliefs shaped the Egyptian culture. Most all Egyptians were highly religious, and had supreme faith in their gods and goddesses. So much so in fact, that most of the Egyptian cities and monuments were named after, or built for, these gods. Many offerings were made to these gods, and were thought to appease them. During the time of King Ramses, the most power deity was the sun god Amun Ra. He was patron of the City of Thebes, located on the Nile River. Located near the city were many shrines dedicated to this supreme god of Egyptian lore. On the West of the Nile River, where the sun sets each day, are situated the Valley of the Kings, and the Valley of the Queens. Royalty was buried in these areas, and they are a focus of much modern day...
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