Ancient Egypt

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  • Published : March 18, 2011
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Ancient civilization is full of many different stories and different ways of living. The ancient civilizations that we have studied such as Ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Eqypt, and ancient Greece are all very unique in their own ways but the greatest one in my opinion would be Ancient Egypt. I chose ancient Egypt for various reasons. The most obvious reasons would be that the Egyptians did not have to be sent off on their own at a young age to learn how to survive and learn how to go to war like the ancient Greeks. Another thing that the Egyptians did not have to do was live by the Hammurabi code like in ancient Mesopotamia. Ancient Egypt was a more peaceful place to live. “Ancient Egyptians had a very positive attitude toward daily life on earth and followed advice of the wisdom literature, which suggested that people marry young and establish a home and family”(p.18-19). By reading this, you can tell that the Egyptian’s way of life was similar to ours, therefore making their civilization extremely advanced. Another quote that I found in the text book that was quite interesting was, “The tombs were well prepared for their residence.” “The Egyptians believed that human beings had two bodies, a physical one and a spiritual one”(p.17). This shows us that the Egyptians had tremendous respect for their people and for their human bodies. “To preserve the physical body after death, the Egyptians practiced mummification, a process of slowly drying a dead body to prevent it from rotting”(p.17) This was another way of showing the readers that the Egyptians had complete respect for the human body. Back then, Pharaohs ruled Ancient Egypt. Although the people that lived during the time could have not chosen their leader, every single pharaoh made sure that Ancient Egypt was a safe and peaceful place to live in. In ancient Mesopotamia they had a different political system. Each city had a king therefore that was a disadvantage. There was war between each king because of all...
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