Ancient Egypt.

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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When you think of a mummy what goes through your mind? The majority of us usually picture an Egyptian mummy wrapped in white clothes and buried deep inside a pyramid. You hear Egypt and think of mummies, pyramids, and all of the Egypt relics. The first mummies at Egypt were people who were buried in the desert. No one in Egypt had put them in a coffin so they turned into dust! Ever since that had happened they started putting people in coffins.

Coffins are usually made out of just wood with many Egyptian writings on it. Egyptian writing is called hieroglyphs. The hieroglyphics consisted of items they would want in afterlife for example: clothes, money, gold, etc. The pharaohs and queens had special coffins, they were placed in. It was called a sarcophagus. A sarcophagus has 3 coffins. The first 2 coffins were decorated of how the pharaoh or queen looked and made of gold foil covered on carved wood. The 3rd coffin was made of 240 pounds of solid gold. The next thing was the actual mummy wrapped in lairs of linen (a type of cloth). The queens and pharaoh’s have proper burials but regular people in Egypt didn’t.

It takes 70 days to finish the burial of a mummy. First what they did was that they got the dead person’s body and would take it to a funeral home inside a pyramid. They believed that if a pharaoh or queen was mummified, he or she would have a great chance of enjoying afterlife but, their bodies had to survive. They emptied out everything from the body such as the lungs, liver, stomach and the rest of the inner body parts. Then they would remove the brain and instead of cutting the top part of the head, they would get a metal hook and put it up your nose and take the brain out from there. The only body part they didn’t take out was the heart because the Egyptian people thought that the pharaoh or queen would need it when they get to afterlife. When they finished taking the body parts out, the servants would put it into special jars, but...
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