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Topics: Ancient Egypt, Mummy, British Museum Pages: 2 (818 words) Published: April 10, 2013
I went to The Chicago Field Museum Saturday March 16th to go see the exhibit "Images of the Afterlife." Which featured mummies from ancient Egypt it featured a bust clay molding of King Tutankhamun which appeared to be the exhibits centerpiece, the clay molding was incredibly detailed, it had almost an eerie feeling to it. It was very lifelike almost as if they chopped off a human above the chest and displayed it. There was also another mummy that had a clay mold of it she is referred to as mummy #30007, unlike the male mummy Tutankhamun which had little to no hair the female mummy had locks of hair, which went down to the start of her chest, she had dark black hair that is braided and bangs that cover her forehead till just above the eyes. She was believed to be in her 40's who suffered from back pain. Both mummies from just the clay molding that was displayed appeared to be small short people with what would appear to be an athletic build. King Tutankhamun could in my opinion be passed off as a female mummy that lost all of her hair from just the bust that was displayed. Then there was mummy #111517 who was named Minirdis, who also had a just a head mold that was created of him alongside the head mold was a gelatin skull recreated from a CT scan. They had the images of the CT scan there displayed on TV screens the images were staggering to be how detailed they are considering that the coffins were never opened nor the mummies unwrapped. In some of the CT images you can actually still see the organs inside the mummy, I found it amazing how well the ancient Egyptians preserved the bodies for the afterlife. The one mummy CT scan of Minirdis was placed in a large coffin when he died, it was stated that he died in his teenage years by accident or his death was unexpected.

The room that the exhibit was placed in located on the 2nd floor that was off to the side with closed doors and it was dimly lit, it was also located in one room which was not fairly large like...
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