Ancient Cultures Comparison - African Region Egypt and Nubia

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Ancient Cultures Comparison
Africa Region - Egypt and Nubia

Egypt was a very powerful and rich society who had a strong faith in their Gods. In their society, everything revolved around serving the Gods. Nubia was a multicultural society with decentralized powers over distinct areas.  They focused strongly on trade to build their empire. Nubia had multiple warrior queens, while Egypt was more centralized and unified under a single ruler. 

Egyptian and Nubian societies was polytheistic, and as did their Mesopotamian counterparts, believed that proper respect and attention to the Gods was an important community responsibility. The Egyptians had created their own religious belief system. They believed in 9 gods, and life after death. They also believed that life began with Nu. Nu basically means that before life is chaos. The Nubians used some of the same characteristics of the Egyptian beliefs. Like the egyptians, Nubians would bury personal artifacts with the deceased to help them transition to the after life. The Egyptians and Nubians had similar Gods, with different names.

Any assessment of the role of geography in the development of Egyptian and Nubian civilizations begins with the Nile. This mighty river was truly the life's blood of Egyptian and Nubian civilization. When the Nile flooded, it deposited a thin layer of rich topsoil on the surface each year. This annual flooding became the basis for the Egyptian civilization. The soil was so fertile and moist that farmers literally scattered wheat seed into the mud, and it grew, producing a surplus crop. The annual flooding ensured a sustainable level of agricultural wealth. The floodplains along the Nile in Nubia were not as extensive as in Egypt, therefore the Nubians relied on prepared fields and irrigation, using water diverted from the Nile. With the geographic buffers mentioned above, and successful agricultural practices, both societies saw large population increases which forced them to...
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