Ancient Civilizations. USA expansion

Topics: California Gold Rush, Ancient Egypt, Egypt Pages: 4 (1681 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Ever wonder about what helped contribute to the expansion of the United States? Never would I have thought those things which were beyond our control helped shape the way United States became this huge country that everyone migrated too. My thoughts are the two most significant physical geographic factors that helped shape and expand the U.S are The California Gold Rush and The Irish Potato Famine.

The significance of the California Gold Rush is that it was not the first gold rush in America, but it is the one that made a drastic impact in our history. First off the Gold that was found in San Francisco was found by accident by a worker named James Marshall. He was building a mill and while he was digging, he stumbled upon gold that he thought was fool’s gold. Once word spread about this discovery of gold over 300,000 people came to discover gold from all over the world. They travelled by foot, boat, crossing the ocean, and anyway they could to get there. This brought on new thought process on transportation on how to get there. Also it brought new cities due to those that were traveling from far off States. This gold provided hard capitol that was needed to fuel this economy. You see at the time California was an ungoverned state (Edwards, Gallucci, 1999). When thousands of people came it changed the way the government looked at California. They started to see how people from around the world were finding a way to get there and how San Francisco was becoming over populated with all the gold diggers. In 1850, California became a state (Edwards, Gallucci, 1999). It was one of the first states in the West. They took a census on how many people were in California due to this Gold Rush and they found that it had swelled up to 9x its population from before the Gold Rush. With that said, San Francisco opened up a ton of opportunities for the United States because it used the Pacific Ocean as a port for World Trade. With this accessible to the U.S. we were able to...
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