Ancient China vs. Ancient India

Topics: Social class, Sociology, Working class Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Amber Richey
October 15, 2012
World History

Ancient India and Ancient China Different but the Same
Ancient India and Ancient China have as many similarities as they do differences. Over many decades of being so close they have had very little run-ins with one another. They have thrived living by the basic principles of a peaceful co-existence society. They have accepted each other’s differences and come to realize just how many similarities they have. Today it is almost impossible the see where the lines of separation between these two great dominating countries lies. With a combined population of 2.3 billion people, both China and India are the most populous countries in the world. They account for two-fifths of humanity. Though the size of their population is very similar in numbers they have very different rules regarding their continued population. Ancient India has never controlled nor dictated to their citizens just how large a family can be. Ancient China however has always had a very strict one child policy when it comes to repopulating their country. Each family in China is only allowed to have one child per household. The children were also treated very differently between India and China. Ancient Indians considered their children to be of equal value and Ancient Chinese frown upon having female children and almost worshiped the male children. This was also a huge difference in the society when it came to men and women. Before about 500 B.C. women of Ancient India were treated as equals to men. They were allowed to get the same education, hold the same jobs, and be involved with political issues. However after the Islamic invasion of Babur and the Mughal Empire women in India were starting to be treated more like the women of Ancient China. They were being handled like second rate citizens and their equal rights were being taken away a little at a time. In Ancient India and Ancient China the father was always considered to be the...
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