Ancient China Versus Ancient Greece

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  • Published : October 3, 2012
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Ancient China Versus Ancient Greece
Ancient China and Ancient Greece were two vastly different civilizations with different cultures; they shared a multitude of similar political, economic, and philosophical achievements while also inholding multiple differences. The centralized government of China differed from the independent city-states of Athens. A similarity that both civilizations held in regards to politics would be the role, or lack thereof one, that women played within their respective governments. China’s economy was focused on the internal trade and technological advancements while agriculture, trade, and slavery made the foundation for Greece’s. However, the two shared a link within whom they traded with as well as both civilizations relied strongly on agriculture. On a philosophical basis, China held many different philosophies as being of importance, however Greece focused mainly on one. It was necessary within both civilizations to posses at least one philosophy to act as an anchor for the citizens’ faith. The degree of centralization within the two civilizations differed greatly. Ancient China was a centralized government with an emperor ruling over the entirety of the civilization. Ancient Greece’s government was not centralized whatsoever and contained a multitude of city-states separated by geographical features and governed by different rulers. The Chinese civilization was one united force whereas Greece was not unified in the very least. Greece had a multitude of different law codes, government types, and tax systems that varied from city-state to city-state, whereas China had one universal system of tax and laws. Regardless of these vast differences there lies a multitude of similarities between the two civilizations. One example would be that women were not allowed a role within the government. Both Ancient Greece as well as Ancient China did not allow women to have a say in what they believed in or act upon their beliefs.

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