Ancient Astronaut Theory

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Ancient Astronaut Theory

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February 07, 2012

Ancient Astronaut Theory

Research suggests that in ancient human history, extraterrestrials came to Earth, where they were hailed as deities and helped form human civilization. This idea is called the “Ancient Astronaut Theory” and can be supported by examining several areas of human history and practices. First, by examining religious texts and beliefs and the information these religious beliefs and practices can provide us with. Second are the physical specimens that we can observe and study such as artwork, cave drawings, genetics and other physical proof. And finally, by studying technology that humans had and believed not to have had in antiquity. Erich Von Daniken as one of the founding fathers of the Ancient Astronaut theory who offered up to the world the controversial hypothesis that primitive mankind was visited by extraterrestrial “Ancient Astronauts” who provided early humans laws, technology, and knowledge (Von Daniken, 1969). These strange spacemen were venerated as "gods" by the primitives, and as a consequence, much primitive art, masonry, and texts depict and reflect upon these visitations. The Ancient Astronaut theory claims that these so called “gods” were actually flesh and blood beings. Ancient creation myths of a god or gods who descended from the "heavens" to earth to create or instruct man are actually representations of alien visitors, whose superior technology accounts for their reception as gods. Such phenomenon is not unknown in modern times as is sometimes the case when primitive or isolated cultures are exposed to Western technology. These visitations, in turn, have had an effect for millions of people and most of the religions of the world into uniting a common belief, a belief that we were once either visited by extraterrestrials or that we actually came from beings not of this earth, much like the God of the Old Testament in the Bible (Von Daniken, 1969).

Since humans began to realize the likelihood of the existence of life elsewhere in the universe and was acknowledged as a distinct probability, man has wondered at the possibility of contact with extraterrestrials and speculated on the consequences of contact with them. Some have argued that searching for extraterrestrial life is a waste of time and resources or even to the extreme, worthless, while others have argued the opposite and won significant funding to undertake searches for indications of life elsewhere. The idea that life on earth may have originated on other worlds was seriously proposed at the turn of the century by Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish Nobel-Prize winning chemist for his theory of “Panspernia.” He postulated that the seeds of life may be continuously drizzling down on Earth from outer space in the form of meteorites and micro-organisms. He believed that such seeds could have germinated on Earth; having caused life to develop (Lewels, 1997). Such a notion is not so implausible. In 1989, amino acids, needed for the existence of life, were found in meteor craters and are thought to have originated in outer space. (The recent discovery of possible life forms in a meteorite from Mars adds further weight to this theory.) Then, in the late 1970s, Francis Crick, the Nobel laureate who discovered DNA, and Leslie Orgel, a pioneer in pre-biotic chemistry, proposed the theory of “Directed Panspermia.” Directed Panspermia, they said, was the notion that the seeds of existence on Earth were sent here by intelligent civilizations millions of years ago in robotic spaceships (Lewels, 1997).

Most casual readers of the Old Testament, particularly those instructed by religious institutions, come away with the belief that early Hebrews were in contact with only one God- the Prime Creator of the Universe, whom they verily call Jehovah, Yahweh, or El. But a more careful reading of the Bible and other ancient...
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