Ancient Aliens and Ancient Astronaut Theory

Topics: Chariots of the Gods?, Ancient astronaut theory, Pseudoarchaeology Pages: 6 (1679 words) Published: June 27, 2011
Ancient Aliens and Ancient Astronaut Theory

Mark P. Robertson

Educational Planning Course
“Critical Issue Project”
Empire State College
Mary Ellen Shaughnessy
June 17, 2011

There has been a lot of commotion lately between both the scientific and religious communities in regards to this topic. The claims of Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life visiting the Earth in ancient times and profoundly affecting the development of Human civilization, is a controversial subject, at best. Suggestions of extraterrestrials (ancient aliens and ancient astronauts) visiting the Earth in the past is supposedly connected with the origins or development of human cultures, technologies and religions. Recorded history by ancient earthly civilizations reportedly saw beings and crafts coming down from the skies (the heavens) and believed that they were “Gods”. That is what these primitive civilizations thought, having no idea what these beings and crafts actually were. They did not know what else to call them, therefore these E.T.’s became “worshipped”, and religions were formed and created in worship of these “Gods”. Derived from this recorded information, many “Ancient Astronaut Theorists” claim that deities from most, if not all religions are actually extraterrestrials, and their technologies were taken as evidence of their “divine” status. Proponents of A.A.T. (Ancient Astronaut Theory) often maintain that humans are either descendants of, or creations of E.T.’s… beings who landed on Earth thousands of years ago. The idea is that much of human knowledge, religion, and culture came from E.T. visitors in ancient times, in that ancient astronauts acted as a “mother culture”. In addition, these A.A.’s or “spacemen” built or helped humans build structures such as Egypt’s pyramids, The Moai stone heads of Easter Island, Mayan pyramids, and Aztec, Incan, and Peruvian megalithic structures. Those in opposition or in argument to scientists and historians would be prudent to at least consider the possibility that E.T. contact occurred during recorded history. Suggestions that the ancestors of humans might have had alien biochemistries and through genetic manipulation became what we know as “modern man”. Eric Von Daniken, author of “Chariots of the Gods?” is a proponent of A.A.T.. Von Daniken claims that ancient art and iconography throughout the world illustrates a more sophisticated technological ability than was available to the ancient cultures. This includes air and space vehicles, non-human but intelligent creatures, ancient astronauts, and artifacts of an anachronistically advanced technology, such as Stonehenge, The Pyramids, and The Baghdad Battery. The origins of many religions are interpreted by Von Daniken as reactions to encounters with an alien race. According to his view, humans considered the technology of the aliens to be spiritual and the aliens themselves to be “Gods”. He also claims that the oral and written traditions of most religions contain references to alien visitors in the way of descriptions of stars and vehicular objects travelling through air and space. The Christian Holy Bible for example, is a source for many ancient astronaut proponents.

The Book of Ezekiel, in The Old Testament tells of a flying object when descending to the ground appeared to be made of shiny metal. Inside, the object contained four creatures whose likeness was that of man. Von Daniken interprets Ezekiel’s revelation as a detailed description of a landing spacecraft. The Book of Genesis states there were ‘Sons of Gods’ who chose to breed with human women, and bore children, and these children were identified as “giants”. This interbreeding created what is called “the gene-pool problem”. Certain humans at the time (Noah) also in The Book of Genesis, did not have the “tarnished” genealogy, and were considered “perfect” in their genealogy. Noah was therefore spared, and chosen to be a...
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