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Topics: Performance, Punjab, India Pages: 3 (778 words) Published: September 11, 2012
Anchoring Script – Aman and Sunny
(After the Ramp Walk of Cornerstone.)
Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Sunny and I am here as the anchor for the rest of the evening along with my partner Aman. Aman.. Aman?? (Vikram enters dressed as Aman and UDI UDI PLAYS)

S- You were looking good from far but now… you’re far from looking good. Aman – Hey IM HERE!
S- Oh! Uh, so who’s she??
Aman – I don’t know?
S- I think you should leave (to Vikram) coz the show must go on. Aman – Bye?
(Vikram leaves)
S- So Dear Audience, are you ready for another show? Here we have the students of Harvest who will perform a drama on Troublemakers. Yes behold! as they present a play that will take you to the world of teenagers! -English Play-

A- Sunny? Sunny?? Sunny??? (snap)
S- Oh yeah? O_O
A-Where were you??
S- Lost…
A – Lost in what?
S- I was lost in that wonderful play on teenagers. It was indeed hilarious! A – Okay but it’s time for a change.
S- What kind of change?
A - Now we have Fusion Dance.
S- Fusion Dance?
A – Yeah! It is a mixture of Hindi and Spanish dance forms. It involves various movements, figures and mesmerizing formations which engrosses the audience to the core. -Dance-
S- That was an amazing performance. How captivating! A blend of cosmic tuen and divine music! A – Now we had enough of those performances. Sunny, lets have a break. S – That sounds good. I think we should see an advertisement. This advertisement is an interesting machine. Corruption is at peak today. Our renowned company “Dhenchu-Dhenchu Pvt Ltd” has designed a machine which filters the elements of computer present In a man. S- Lets have a look at what happens when the machine malfunctions. S and A – Here we have our 1st Ad mad show.

That was extremely entertaining.
S- Yes and now lets have the Hindi play.
A- H-hindi play…??
S-Ohh you don’t know Hindi! Haha
A- Excuse me? I can try. Ab humara agla karyakram hoga, Hindi Natak. Jiska shirshak hai Girgit. S- Ehem....
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