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The comfort room might be the last place that would come into a student’s mind in which he or she would use as a subject for an improvement plan. Contrary to that, the group has decided to focus its study in this area.

Sanitation as defined by Oxford’s Dictionary is a system of protecting one’s health. It is an important aspect in ensuring that the comfort room is a harmless place for the use of everyone. Sanitation has always been an issue in every public comfort which has required continuous corrective measures. Comfort rooms in Far Eastern University have not been excluded from this.

We have conducted surveys among students in every building. These surveys tackle on the cleanliness or filthiness of all the comfort rooms in Far Eastern University Manila including the technical building which houses the East Asia College and the comfort rooms found in the Administration Building. The survey served as one of the main basis of our quality improvement plan. Another issue which is poor Service or the act of providing accommodation and activities essential for the public also prompted our group to conduct an interview with other concerned parties. We directed some questions to the head of Far Eastern University’s maintenance service more popularly known here as “JAMMAS”. This is to know the side of these (JAMMAS) service providers as well.

Comfort rooms might be considered as the smallest unit in every infrastructure, but based on the results of the student’s survey, the people managing this facilities and services must be more specific in the aspects of the university in which they ought to improve.


Behavior change is often a long-term process. How can students and school personnel in Far Eastern University be encouraged and reminded to practice good hygiene and sanitation behavior? Is there any way of offering encouragement to practice good hygiene and sanitation behavior in a fun and innovative way?

Infections can range through manipulators in public toilets. Many FEU students and staff are using the university toilets every day and it is essential to keep them hygienic and sanitary. Clean school urinals reflect well upon a school’s hygiene criterions and the appropriate upbringing of its students. Despite having school maintenance personnel to clean our school toilets, many students are still doom with the cleanliness of the toilets.


• Lack of consciousness of cleanness.
Many students abuse the use of toilets and have no control over the sanitary conditions of it. • Lack of knowledge of diseases
They are not aware or concern of what they will possibly get in unsanitary toilets. • Lack of motivation, efficiency and effectiveness towards work Some JAMMAS tend to get tired of cleaning comfort rooms and thus, evade the instructed procedure and schedule of their duties.

• Lack of cleaning inspection
Toilets and washrooms should be clean and well-ventilated. • Lack of cleaning guidance
They should be cleaned regularly as part of a documented cleaning Rota and policy. Regular cleaning means cleaning more than once a day during peak periods of use. • Absence of unified policies and procedures

For the students, there are no policies regarding the proper usage of the comfort room.

• Lack of cleaning materials.
All JAMMAS should have his own set of cleaning materials or equipment which would enable him to perform his duties • Lack of toiletries
All toilet areas should have hand washing facilities including warm and cold running water, soap and paper tissue.

• Absence or malfunction of Vending machines
Sometimes it is not properly working....
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