Anayltic Essay on Trifles

Topics: Susan Glaspell, Sheriff, Anxiety Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: March 15, 2013
Candy O’Neal
Instructor Allen
Composition II
16 March 2013
Second Analytic Essay on “Trifles”
“Trifles” is a play written by Susan Glaspell. In this play the name “Trifles” came from her view of how women were profiled. She uses many symbols that give her audience the unspoken information. Susan Glaspell’s play “Trifles” is based on a true story. It is about a women that was once full of life and joy. She sang in the choir at church and was well liked. Helps us understand her views. Play writer Susan Glaspell uses many symbols in “Trifle” that helps the audience dictate how Mrs. Wright’s life inside them four walls with Mr. Wright. The main event in “Trifles” is after Mr. Hale discovers Mr. Wright has been strangled and called the coroner. The sheriff, his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Hale meet the attorney at the Wright’s farm to investigate the crime, Mrs. Peter and Mrs. Hale find Mrs. Wrights Canary, in a box, with a wrung neck, in her sewing box. The canary having its neck wrung told the two women everything they needed to know. In the meantime the sheriff and the other two men have no luck figuring any motive out on why she would kill her husband. The two women know if the Sherriff finds the bird, they would figure out the motive for Mrs. Wright’s madness and say she was guilty and needed to be caged. The two ladies are not sure if they should share their knowledge or hide their secret forever. Mrs. Wright’s breaking point

The passages in the play “Trifles” symbolizes a woman that at one time sang in her church choir and was someone that some would admire. She was a kind women and she seemed to float thru life. She was a confident Minnie Foster. Until she became Mrs. Wright then she changes. She stayed to herself, and wasn’t sure of herself any longer, she felt less than everyone else. The home she lived in was not a warm welcoming home. The Author uses symbolize to give the audience the feeling of a cold dreary, lonely home. Mrs. Hale states “It never...
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