Anaylsis of Fire and Ice by Robert Frost

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  • Published : September 16, 2008
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Fire and Ice
The first time I read this poem I thought that the meaning was about how the world would end. Would it go by burning up or would it freeze as everything turned into ice? In First Peter it states that the world will end in fire and burn up, so that is the way I believe. After the class analysis I realized what he was really saying. What he was saying is that the actions of men and human emotions can destroy the world. In the poem Frost states that cold is like hate and he knows enough about hate to know that it is good enough to be destructive in life. Hate is a very strong emotion and causes people to be unbending, cold, and motionless. When I think about Ice I think of an ice cube when you pour something over it how it cracks and breaks. Hate has that same effect on a person’s life and emotions. He also states that fire is similar to desire and that he would be in favor of that type of destruction as well. Desire always finds a way to consume a person and their life. Ice or hatred as Frost spells out in this poem destroys more slowly and painful as where Fire or desire is so hot that it would burn up more quickly and leave nothing behind. Frost is known for using understatement when he writes. He is an Englishman and says less than what he means and uses no excitement when he writes. In this poem he does use rhyming to get his ideas across to the reader. The sound is a little of repetition and rhymes the words at the end of each sentence that frost as the writer is trying to call attention to and stress his ideas to the reader. I believe that reading this he wants us to understand what a big part human behavior and activities will affect the world that we live in and that we must be careful with our relationships that we develop so that we can hold on to them and not be so destructive. I do think that a part of Frost is telling us to take care of the world as we will not know how it will end or how we will leave.
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