Anatomy & Physiology "Blood Flow"

Topics: Veins of the torso, Inferior vena cava, Hepatic portal vein Pages: 2 (326 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Venous System:



Superior sagittal sinus: drains from front to back
Inferior sagittal sinus:
Transverse Sinus-runs transverse
Sigmoid sinus
All of these lead too the
External Jugular: drains head neck and face
(anterior jugular drains the chin blood into the external also)
into the SVC
Internal: drains all the blood from the brain it is very deep
Into the SVC


Radial and Ulnar come together draining into the
Brachial vein which joins to the
Basilic Vein that drain into the
Axillary vein
The cephalic vein also drains into the axillary vein
The axillary vein then drains into the subclavian
Then into the brachiocephalic veins into the SVC
(the medial cubital vein runs in between the cephalic and baslic for testing purposes)

the azygos system drains the intercostal muscles and abdominal wall.
Azygos vein drains the right side of the thorax
The left ascending hemiazygos and the accessory hemiazygos drain the leftside but drain into the azygos, which drains into the SVC

IVC : from by the common iliac vein, renal veins, gonadal. Runs behind the liver.

Lower Body:

Dorsalis Pedis drains into the
Anterior tibial which combines into the
Posterior tibial which drains into the
Popliteal which drains into the
Femoral vein along with the
Great Saphenous Vein: longest vein in the body, it is superficial
Then the femoral empties into the
External iliac which drains the legs and combines with the
Internal iliac which drains the pelvis to drain into the
Common iliac vein, which drains into the IVC

Portal Veins:
Go right into the liver formed by the
Superior mesenteric
Renal veins
The inferior mesenteric drains into the splenic vein
*these drain the digestive system into the liver.


Lumbar veins and the right gonadal vein
Right suprarenal veins drain into the IVC
Left suprarenal drains...
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