Anatomy of a Filipino

Topics: Boy, Nationalism, Philippines Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: March 10, 2012
The Anatomy of a Filipino By:
Prof. Felix Bautista
All: I like to think that I am a Filipino, that I am as Good, a Filipino as Anyone. Girls: My heart thrills, when, I Hear, the National anthem, being played. Boys: And my Blood Rises, when, I see our flag, Fluttering in the breeze. All: And Yet, I find myself asking, How Filipino Am I, Really? Boys: My First Name is American.

Girls: My Last Name Is Chinese.
Boys: When I’ am with Girlfriends or more correctly, when, I’ am with my Friends, who happen to be girls - I talk to them in English.
Girls: If they are thirsty, I buy them, a Bottle of American coke. Boys: If they are hungry, I treat them, to an Italian Pizza pie. All: And when, I have the money, I give them a real Chinese Lauriat. Boy (solo): Considering all these, considering my taste, for many things foreign, what right do I have, to call myself, a Filipino? Girls (solo): Should I not call myself, a culture orphan? The illegitimate child of many races? All: Rightly or wrongly, whether we like it or not, we are the end products, of our history, fortunately or unfortunately, our history is a co-mingling, of polyglot influences. Boys: Malayan and Chinese.

Girls: Spanish and British.
Boys: American and Japanese.
All: This is historic fact, we can not ignore, a cultural reality we can not escape, form to believe otherwise is to indulge in fantasy. Boy (solo): I must confess, I’ am an extremely confused, and Bewildered young man. Wherever I’ am, whatever I may be doing, I’ am Bombarded, on all sides, by people who want, me to search for my national identity. All: Tell me the Language I speak should be replaced, by Filipino; they urge me to do away with things foreign to act and think, and buy Filipino. Girl (solo): Even in art, I’ am getting bothered and Bewildered. All: The Writer should use Filipino, as his medium, the nationalists cry. Boys: The Painter should use his genius, in portraying themes purely Filipino, they demand. Girls: The Composer...
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