Anatomy of the Anti Hero

Topics: Philippines, José Rizal, Human rights Pages: 3 (1129 words) Published: September 28, 2011
SECTION: BSN310RIZAL/ 1:30-3:00

I. What is the essay all about?
Joaquin examines two portraits of Rizal. The first is that of León Guerrero's momentous biography, The First Filipino in which Rizal is pictured as a Victorian gradualist. He also noted that while Rizal did not give his blessing to Bonifacio because he believed the time was premature, he did not condemn the aim of independence per se. The second is a work much lesser known, "Rizal from Within" by Ante Radaic. In his examination of the character of Rizal, Radaic finds a man tormented by youthful insecurities based upon his diminutive size and his inability to successfully woo his first love Segunda Katigbak who, while in love with Rizal, followed the course of her parent's wishes and married another. According to Radaic, these insecurities plagued Rizal almost to the end and were a major factor in his continual striving toward excellence in all that he did. Following this Joaquin builds his own character assessment of Rizal finding a figure who is caught in a class and race struggle between the "native" (Indio), the Creole (Illustrado), and the (racially "pure") Spanish Peninsulars who flood the Philippines after the building of the Suez Canal and who force the Creole from positions of importance even though they were mostly inferior in both character, intelligence, and ability. Rizal identifies with the Creole and so denigrates the native character of the Philippines he champions.

II. What have you realized or learned about RIZAL?

When I speak of Rizal using my elementary and high school orientation, I see him as someone who embodies the exceptional characteristics that no other heroes have. Other than the fact that Rizal is known for his universally acclaimed works, he was introduced to me and to others as well, as someone who shows compassion, patience, love and respect for his...
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