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Human Anatomy
December 11,2011

Male Cadaver

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Going into the second phase of prosection was very exciting for me. I had really looked forward to the prosection of the male cadaver since the first five weeks I was on the male cadaver(Back and Abdomen); we picked the male urogenital, to see the difference between the male and female reproductive system. I was especially interested in prosecting the urogenital after it had been removed from the abdominal cavity; since we were on the Abdomen at the beginning we wanted to continue the area we started. Becoming a part of the medical field is very important to me, I am a Cna and a Pharmacy Technician and want to further my schooling in doing something I love. Throughout my life I have seen my share of death and severe illness. From that I have gained a better respect for how fragile life really is and have seen firsthand how much a good nurse or good doctor can make an impact on the patient and family. This has driven me to help people as much as I can in their time of need. I don't feel I would have the knowledge I have today had a taken an anatomy class with a different instructor somewhere else. This class has not only filled my prerequisite for the Register Nursing Programs everywhere, it has also prepared me for becoming a Registered Nurse. I feel having the opportunity to see cadavers with help me deal with loss of a Page 3

patient better.
I have learned through the past 10 weeks of prosection to get my emotions to complete a necessary task. I feel blessed that I am able to participate in this class taught by Dr. Marvin Abts, I have found him very knowledge in his teachings of this course. During this five week span of gross human dissection I have gained a greater understanding of the detailed anatomy of the Urogenital and how all these intricate parts work together to make you, who you are today. The use of instruments, terminology and physically seeing and being in contact with the cadavers has been an integral part of my learning experience.

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Methods and Materials

All five weeks of the prosection were conducted during my regularly scheduled laboratory time of Monday from 1400-1700 hours, Except my last lab(make up)on Wednesday December 7, 2011. The prosection dates were between November 7,2011 through December 7,2011. The prosections took place in the prosection theater located in room 1617 in the science building of Shasta College. To prepare for the dissection of the cadavers, I would put on my scrub top, my vinyl touch gloves. My team changed a lot The first week was myself, Jamie Stonehouse and Heather McMillan, The second week was myself and Morgan Morris, then I was by myself for two weeks. On my make up lab I was with Lisa Atchley and Kristi Mclean. Then we would copy the drawings that Dr. Abts had drawn on the white board. After coping the drawings on the board, we got a blue absorbent cover for the instrument tray and got the instruments needed for the day of dissection. The instruments that we used during the five weeks of prosection were a fleshing knife, 2x3 forceps, 1x2 forceps, a 10 scalpel blade, a 15 scalpel blade, metric ruler, Stryker Autopsy saw, Mosquito forceps and Vaseline. The fleshing knife was used for making incisions on the renal capsule which is a tough fibrous layer surrounding the Page 5

kidney and covered in a thick layer of perinephric adipose tissue. It provides some protection from trauma and damage. The renal capsule relates to the other layers in the following order (moving from innermost to outermost). The 2x3 forceps were used for stabilizing and holding larger tissue areas and retracting tissue such as the renal fascia. The 1x2 forceps were used for stabilizing and holding smaller tissue areas and retracting tissues. The scalpel 15 blade was used such as thin tissue incisions or delineating small blood vessels. The scalpel 10 blade and was...
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