Anatomy: Acute Myeloid Leukemia

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Bence Toth
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Anatomy paper 2

Acut Myeloid Leukemia
Acute myeloid leukemia is one of the most common type of blood cancer. This kind of leukemia usually develops from cells that would turn into white blood cells. Sometimes, though, it can develop from other types of blood-forming cells. Acute myeloid leukemia starts in the bone marrow. This is the soft inner parts of bones. With acute types of leukemia such as AML, bone marrow cells don't mature the way they're supposed to. These immature cells, usually called blast cells, and just keep building up.(webmd).

The large body of bone marrow is inside the bone. The marrow formed in the red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells of five figures. The most imature cells called blasts. The blasts are normally only a very few reach the bloodstream, the maturation process undergo bone marrow and in the circulation will have the mature cell forms. The white blood cells can be divided into two main groups: myelocyta and lymphocytes. The myelocytas also called granulocytes in the citoplasm granules (granules) basis. These include the neutrophil, basophil and eosinophil granulocytes and monocytes. These cells are responsible for the destruction of bacteria. The lymphocytes in the blood stream and lymphatic system are present. These control the infections occurring immune response and produce antibodies.(nursingdepartment)

AML white blood cells in the bone marrow malignancies. Are a result of the genes (DNA) level is called. Translocation of the 9-named ABL gene on chromosome 22 with gene is located on chromosome repositioned. The resulting fusion gene is generated by the so-called protein. BCR-ABL tyrosine kinas fusion with a continuous signal to the abnormal proliferation of white blood cells result in the development of CML which is the natural course of disease end. A three phases can be distinguished. Diagnosis of patients in the so-called 95%. chronic phase, which without...
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