Topics: Sensory system, Sense, Olfaction Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: April 18, 2013
* adaptation - a decrease in receptor sensitivity or perception after constant stimulation * receptor A had a circular receptive field with a diameter of 2.5 cm. receptor b has a circular receptive field 7.0 cm in diameter. which receptor provides more precise sensory info? * receptor A provides more information because it has a smaller receptive field. * 5 special senses - smell (ofalction), taste (gustation), vision, balance (equilibrium), hearing 9-2

* general sensory receptors
noniceptors (pain), thermoreceptors (temperature), machanoreceptors (physical distortion), chemical receptors (chemical concentrator) * 3 classes of mechanoreceptors are tactile receptors, baroreceptors, proprioceptors * if information from proprioceptors in your legs could not reach the CNS, your movements would be uncoordinated, and you could not walk. 9-3

* ofalction - the sense of smell, it involves olfactory receptors in paited olfactory organs responding to chemical stimuli * repeated sniffling helps identify faint odors by increasing the flow of air and the number of odorant molecules passing over the olfactory epithelium 9-4

* gustation - the sense of taste, provided by taste receptors responding to chemical stimuli * if you completely dry the surface of your tongue and then place salt or sugar crystals on it, you can't taste them because this prevents the taste buds from being stimulated, because they are sensitive only to molecules and ions that are in that solution. 9-5

* the first layer of the eye to be affected by inadequate tear production is the conjunctiva * when the lens becomes more rounded, you are looking at an object close to you * malia will likely be unable to see at all. The fovea contains only cones, which need high intensity light to be stimulated. The dimly lit room contains light that is too weak to stimulate the cones.
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