Analyzing a Web Page 1

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Analyzing a Web Page

Analyzing a Web Page
Each day people use the Internet to find resources that could help him or her with their daily living, research, or even to look for employment. This can lead to some confusion regarding what websites are genuine and which are not telling the whole truth. This is why it is important to understand how to analyze, which Web pages are the best to use. According to “Widener University” (2011), “A reliable and trustworthy Web site meets these criteria: authority, accuracy, currency, and objectivity” (Evaluate Web Pages). This paper will be discussing the value and relevance of the website, to clients and/or human service agencies. Authority

When analyzing a website a client or human service agency should verify that the website has authority. Authority means that the website has posted the person or organization responsible for the information posted and their qualifications about the information they posted. There should always be the name of the author and some way to contact the author or even the organization who may have written the website or may be sponsoring it. The website does not have one author, but it does have the contact information for U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Health Resources and Services Administration. The website does not have any copyright information on the site however, when a person looks at the area of contact information the website does give the administrators name for HSRA and the address. Accuracy

Accuracy is very important for a client or professional because if a site gives out false information it can cause a client or professional that is utilizing the site to believe false claims. This is why it is very important to verify that the site presents information that based on fact, list sources, and list links to where they obtained their information from if it is from another website. The website does not give out any false claims or...
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