Analyzing a News Article Using the Elements of Reasoning

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Analyzing a News Article Using the Elements of Reasoning

The following article was about how a young girl was rescued from her kidnapper by an ordinary citizen. My purpose for choosing and reading this article was to find out how this occurred. As far as questions that are brought up by this article are how did this man know to stop this particular truck? How did he accomplish that? Why was the girl kidnapped? Was the girl ok? All of these questions were answered within the article.

According to the information in the article the man who stopped the truck that the little girl was in saw her in the window of the truck. The girl was shaken but alive when authorities were able to become involved. It is not known why the man kidnapped this girl but that it was not first time he had been in trouble for trying something with young girls. My interpretation of this is that the man who stepped in to help was a brave citizen and that the kidnapper was a coward who needs to feel powerful and that is why he took a young child. We can assume this man will be brought to justice for this crime.

For most people the concept of kidnapping someone is not something we are familiar with. Most do not even consider what they would do if they came face to face with a situation such as the man who helped to save this child did. However it seems to make perfect sense all in all. While not everyone would act in such a manner it was the right thing to do in the man’s thinking. However, the consequences of his actions may have not turned out favorably just as easily as they turned out well. It is a reminder to think before we act but that sometimes we must act in order to save another.
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