Analyzing a Job

Topics: Operations management, Management, Recruitment Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Analyzing a Job
Shanicka Cimone Hoskins
HRM531: Human Capital Management
Dr. Dennis Cashman
April 1, 2013
Job Descriptions
A written summary of the task requirements for a particular job is called a job description (Cascio, 2010, p. 189). To attract qualified candidates, human resources managers must ensure that the job descriptions released contain all of the pertinent information about the position and the company. However with the evolving business industry, some organizations are beginning to utilize behavioral job descriptions. “Instead of being responsible for simple procedures and predictable tasks, workers are now expected to draw inferences and render diagnoses, judgments, and decisions, often under severe time constraints” (Cascio, 2010, p. 168). Behavioral job descriptions are the best method to attract candidates that will be innovative, efficient, and an pronounced addition to the organization. Online Employment Databases

Today’s job seekers use online employment databases to search and apply for open positions globally. One of the most popular job seeking websites is This job database has thousands of positions and is used daily by job seekers around the globe. Although there is no shortage of jobs listed on the site, there are numerous postings that can and should be modified to include behavioral job descriptions. Identified Changes Needed

The job description listed on from Amazon Fulfillment Services Inc. lacked the behavioral job description component and the formatting needed for job seekers to understand what the company desires in a candidate. The current listing contains minimal responsibilities that a senior operations manager or operations manager would be expected to meet in these positions. With the lack of expectations detailed in the description, Human Resources managers could receive many resumes from candidates not qualified. To minimize the quantity of unqualified candidates,...
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