Analyzing a Concept: The Weight Loss Epidemic

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  • Published : August 12, 2011
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Stewart, M.
April 28, 2011
Carpena, Heidi

Analyzing a Concept (Weight Loss Epidemic)
Weight-loss products and treatments have increased tremendously in our society, when diet pills and exercising does not work, people find other alternatives such as, lipotropic injections one of the latest weight loss solution, these injections reduces weight and increases energy with noticeable results, where as diet pills and fitness sometimes fail. Lipotropic injections are a combination of B12 amino acid compounds: methionine, choline, inositol and beta in these ingredients serve as critical agents to body’s use of fat. Lipotropic injections are injected into the muscle under the skin and fatty tissues, in certain parts of the body, these injections cause overall weight loss by increasing metabolism and energy levels. After several injections, a person should experience more energy, increased fat burning and significant weight loss, increased calories intake leads to the loss of fat from the body. Injections are given at medical clinics, weight-loss clinics, doctors offices, hospitals, and day spas by health providers, weight-loss specialists, dietitians, and a person can also administer the injection themselves when given a written prescription from their doctor. Individuals can undergo the procedure twice a week if they chose to; a person is expected to shed up to three pounds a week with a proper diet along with exercise. These injections cost about twenty dollars per injection. Lipotropic offer many health benefits aside from weight-loss, lipotropic enhance the function of liver, detoxifies the body, increases metabolism, and store glycogen, a form of glucose. If a person has a healthy liver it will properly secret bile more effectively, which aids in the digestion and the breakdown of fats. Weight loss specialists believe that lipotropic injections boost the immune system it stimulates the growth of antibodies, that help detect and...
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