Analyzing YouTube Videos on Environmental Issues

Topics: YouTube, Video clip, Environmentalism Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: March 11, 2012
Environmental Issues
The earth’s environment is of the upmost concern to mankind and how our survival as species depends on it. Environmental issues have become a cause of concern for individuals, governments, and corporations towards the end of the twentieth century, they continue to be a key cause of concern for the world in the twenty first century. The issue has however started to turn into a policy issue, and ideological fractures continue to emerge. The number of individuals showing avid commitment to the cause of preventing environmental degradation has risen with high profile public figures backing the cause. The presentation of the videos on the environmental degradation seeks to advance this agenda. The purpose of the essay is to analyze two YouTube videos on environmental issues. YouTube is an online video database with several topical areas under analysis by independent individuals. A considerable number of content is attributable to environmentalist and their agendas. One of the videos covering critical issues on deforestation has made a detailed analysis of the extent of damage that deforestation is causing on our environment. In another video, a proponent for mitigation of environmental damage presents his case using a perceivably obvious yet overlooked front of environmental damage because of the lack of environmental concern by the retail industry players. The video puts to the fore the real concerns arising from the disposal of non-biodegradable waste that piles up every day due to poor handling of waste originating fro the disposal of waste with origins in the retail industry. The video calls for action and more responsibility of retail industry players and highlights the profound contribution the same would make to the fight against the destruction of our environment. The videos have slow music which acts as a background for the narrations giving the stories the environmental accounts the videos intend to cover....
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