Analyzing “the Rocking Horse Winner”

Topics: Love, Family, Nuclear family Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Analyzing “The Rocking Horse Winner”

DH Lawrence’s “The Rocking Horse Winner” is the perfect example of this materialistic world. The Uncle in the story "The Rocking Horse Winner" is symbolic of capitalism and the drive to continue to obtain a greater income. The fact that the family is never content with their financial situation, Lawrence is showing the relationship of the family is affected by the amount of money they have. Luck is introduced as a way of achieving wealth instead of working hard for your money. Gambling has ways of tearing families a part and ruining lives. A family can work even if they’re dysfunctional as long as there is love in it.

The world has become a materialistic place where enough is never enough. Lawrence’s family in this story is living well beyond their means, which is how many people live their lives. “The mother had a small income, and the father had a small income, but not nearly enough for the social position which they had to keep up.” People spend so much money trying to keep up with the Jones. Debt just piling up, until eventually you lose it all. “Paul’s mother touched the whole five thousand. Then something very curious happened. The voices in the house suddenly went mad,” Money doesn’t bring happiness; it can’t fix a person’s personal and dysfunctional problems in their life. Paul’s mother believed in fate and luck and that you couldn’t change it. In a passive way of dealing with things, to always blame people or supernatural means for your problems. “ “And aren’t you lucky either, mother?” “I can’t be, I married an unlucky husband”.” To accept responsibility means you have to acknowledge when you succeed as well as when you fail. His mother told Paul at an early age that it is better to be lucky then rich. “That’s why it’s better to be born lucky than rich. If you’re rich, you may lose your money. But if you’re lucky, you will always get more money.” She has lead her son to believe that luck determines all....
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