Analyzing The Namesake: Until Death Do Us Part?

Topics: Marriage, Nikolai Gogol, Love Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: January 28, 2013
English 3A
October 20, 2012

Until Death Do Us Part?

At the start of Gogol and Moushumi’s marriage, as the reader you’d think they are a match made in heaven. In the beginning they are in a particular phase called “The Cupcake Phase”. Like the quote “All good things come to an end”, their marriage started out all “lovey dovey” but ended horribly. Their marriage failed because of a lack of understanding for each other's needs, because Moushumi had her own desires she still wanted to pursue, but Gogol wanted that real housewife he could come home to everyday. As far as affection goes, they both gave that to each other but Gogol never thought he was good enough for her, as if he’d rather be alone most of the time or in the company of his friends. Moushumi’s inability to let go of her past also caused the fall of her marriage, her failed engagement to Graham and ultimately her past relationship to Dimitri. Gogol and Moushumi were a great couple, but they never really understood each other. Moushumi was passionate about her work, and so was Gogol but not to the extent of Moushumi. Even in marriage, she chooses to keep her last name because of all the work she’s done. Although awarded a research fellowship to work in France, she must turn this down for Gogol. Moushumi was always looking for the approval of others in a way, every time she would come from Astrid and Donald’s place, Gogol would notice how gloomy she was because he knew she envied their life knowing hers would never be like so. She even got to the point where Gogol simply couldn’t take a picture of her because she didn’t want to look like a tourist. Throughout their marriage Gogol never felt good enough for Moushumi. Moushumi was usually never home and leaving Gogol alone to venture throughout France all on his own. Gogol on the other hand always felt apologetic around her especially in public. Lahiri writes “For some reason...
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