Analyzing the Major Theme in "A Model of Christian Charity"

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Analyzing the Major Theme in "A Model of Christian Charity"

John Winthrop's "A Model of Christian Charity" illustrates America's status as the leading nation of the world and the unity of the Americans community. Throughout his speech, Winthrop talked about the bonds and ties, during his speech he talked about the same theme using different words in order to reinforce the idea that a successful colony must keep absolute unity and conformity. The whole speech is presented in the first plural person, that suggests that the Puritans (Winthrop is one of them), are undiversified group. In his speech he states many times that there are "knit together" in a bond of common cause and common destiny, that appears when he says: "in a bond of common cause and common destiny", every individual's fate subject to that of the group. He also calls attention to Puritans when he says: "For we must consider that we shall be as a city upon a hill", to suggest once more that the different individuals are all delimited into one larger entity, one to which the world will look for leadership and guidance. He doesn't insist only on unity between and among the individual Puritans,but also he pursues the unity between God and humans,the sacred and the governmental. He speaks about the more near bond of marriage Between God and the Puritans, as he said: "First, in regard of the more near bond of marriage between Him and us", obligating them to the higher purpose God intends not only to one another. There are many phrases that combine the system of government with that of religion, such as "government both civil and ecclesiastical”. Winthrop quotes from the Bible many times during his speech, and makes biblical allusions, his allusions always points to rise up the Puritan's struggle and to escape oppression. He also compares the "special commission" God has given the Puritans to the commission given Saul to destroy Amaleck in the Old Testament (He indented with him upon certain articles,...
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