Analyzing Credibility - Essay

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Analyzing Credibility

December 4, 2011

Analyzing Credibility
I chose to analyze the pedigree online commercial on their new Pedigree light dog food. I believe that Pedigree paid for all of the ads on their web site. They were mostly advertising for their dog food and I do not see why anyone else would pay to advertise their product. There was one ad on there for an adoption drive so some of that may have been paid for by the SPCA, however there was no reference made to have any definite proof. In most of the ads I did not detect a slant. The main point of each commercial was to sell that specific product whether it be the light food, the natural food, the dentasticks, and so on. Again, going back to the one commercial supporting adoption that one did not promote a single product. It promoted the product as a whole and encouraged people to participate in an adoption drive. Since these are commercials for dog food I am not really sure what the examples reflect on society at large. If I would have to say something, I would guess that it is suggesting that people love and spoil their animals as if they were children. The ads offer different products to protect the dog’s well being. If people only saw their dogs as an animal they would not be worried if the dog were over weight or whether or not the dog was eating all natural food. No I am not skeptical of the sources’ credibility. The people making these commercials work for Pedigree. Who else to know what Pedigree dog foods have to offer than an employee of that particular company? Also, Pedigree is a trustworthy company that has been around for years and has an excellent reputation. Well it is an advertisement for a company’s product so of course there is going to be a biased tone to the commercial ad. They are not going to pay the money and discuss another companies dog food. The claim that the ad makes is that Pedigree is for dogs....
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