Analyzing Communication: Mercedes Benz Commercial

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Marshall Chen
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March 4th
Analyzing Communication: Mercedes Benz Commercial
During the half time of the Super Bowl this year, many commercials were shown to the audience for their very first time. One of the most successful commercials among them is the Mercedes-Benz’s “Soul” commercial because of its choice of communication method, and the use of several communication techniques and features like Aristotle’s “Rhetoric,” intrapersonal communication, and nonverbal codes.

This commercial, “Soul” (Mercedes-Benz 2013 Super Bowl Commercial: "Soul"), is an around-two-minute video, starring Usher, Kate Upton, Sebastian Beacon and Willem Dafoe. It was posted on YouTube after the Super Bowl via “mbusa”. In this clip, the man (Sebastian Beacon) considers selling his soul to the devil (Willem Dafoe) to get the new Benz CLA, but then he realizes that he does not have to, because he can afford it. Since this video is on YouTube, the audience is so broad that the video uploader, “mbusa”, the official YouTube channel of Mercedes Benz, U.S.A., cannot communicate with every audience who watches the video or even who leaves a comment at the link. Thus, this commercial belongs to mass communication (Adler and Rodman 336-26). Also, this mass communication process can be portrayed through the transactional communication model (Adler and Rodman 336-26). As “mbusa” made this video and posted it on YouTube, the sender sent this message to receivers through the Internet channel. After receiving this message, the audience of this video would start to respond to it by giving direct comment at the link, and also, the feedback of the receivers would be revealed in either the increase or the decrease of the sales volume of this car too.

“Receivers” in the last paragraph are also the target audience of this commercial. To be more specific, the target audience of this video is people who want to buy a (new) car. However, because this CLA series is...
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