Analyzing Business Messages

Topics: Communication, Message, Internet Pages: 9 (1449 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Analyzing Business Messages

Alex Perez


January 28, 2013

Nakpangi Mc Clam


Messages can be interpreted many different ways no matter who is receiving the

message and who is initially sending the messages. That’s why it is good to be able to

analyze messages so you know exactly what message is being presented to you. In this

paper I will be using the communication process to analyze three business messages

using the communication process. I will give descriptive explanations of characteristics

that would improve the messages. I will also discuss if the message and technology was

appropriate given the environment and the purpose of the message. Lastly, I will write a

business to business message that has a ABC company asking to create a working

relationship with XYZ company. I will then write an unfavorable message to reply to


Truth, Magic and the Internet

The first message that I analyzed was Truth, Magic and the Internet. In the article

the author discussed technology and the Internet as being this magic tool that we as

humans are aware is not magic but we still pretend that it is. He then went on to talk

about email and how people interpret email messages and how email has become so

addictive that it has cause people IQs to go down by ten percent. Using the

communication process to analyze this message the purpose of this message was to

inform the audience about his concerns with the Internet and our emailing system and

how it has changed people behaviors causing people to become addicted to the internet

and by becoming addictive to this process has caused people’s IQ’s to go down. The

sender is John C. Dvorak. The receiver is whoever takes the time to read the article and I

think the message is intended for everyone in the world. The environment would be

whatever environment the reader is in when they read the message. The technology is via

internet in the form of an article. There would be no noise. The feedback would be

however the reader interpreted the message that was sent. Some characteristics that

would improve the article would be that the reader should be more compassionate toward

his audience. When I read this I kind of got offended as if he was saying if we use email a

lot or have a black berry device then we are considered stupid.

Communication, Communication, Communication

The second message that I analyzed was communication, communication,

communication. In the article the author discussed clear communication and how it is

the most important factor you need to become a great leader. The message purpose is to

inform the reader on how to use clear communication to become a great leader. The

sender is Lee Froschheiser, which is the author. The receiver of the message is the

general public or anyone who is a leader of trying to become a leader. The environment

would be in a business or school setting. The technology is via Internet in a form of an

article. They would be no noise or noise would be determined on where the person

received the message. The feedback would be depending on if the audience agreed or

disagreed with the reader. I think this message was a clear message and gave great steps

and the explanations were clear and precise to where you fully understand where the

reader is coming from. I don’t think there are any characteristics that would need to be

used in order to improve this message.


The third message that I analyzed was teaching students the persuasive message

through a small activity group. In this article the author discussed how to write a

persuasive message using these four components gain attention, build interest, reduce...
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