Analyzing Biological and Humanistic

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  • Published : November 16, 2011
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Analyzing biological and humanistic

Billy Ocean

Week 3


Dr. James

University of phoenix


Many people have different theories when approaching personality, some think its biological and others think it’s humanistic. In this essay I will be describing the biological approach to personality and the factors that influence the formation of personality. I will also be discussing Maslow hierarchy of needs and examine the relationship of biological factors and Maslow theory of personality. This essay will also include the basic aspect of humanistic theory that is incompatible with biological explanations theory.

There are many biological approaches to personality; in 1953 James D. Watson and Francis Crick discovered that DNA was structured as a double helix. Dr. Watson won a Nobel Prize for his role in that research. In 2007 Watson had a computer drive which contained an individual fully sequenced genome. With this information Watson went public becoming the first to do so. With open genetics sequencing, Watson believed that who we are is there in our genes. Years after Watson were forced to resign from his research lab for making controversial remarks about the genetics inferiority of Africans.

This biological view of personality was not surprising to parents. Parents believed that children come into this world with their own personality and their way of doing things. Research in child psychology, seems to focus on environmental influences on personality. Parents are giving tons of advice on how to raise their children to be a well-adjusted member to society. Books and movies about child care gives parents advice to take an active role in helping their children grow up to be wonderful, accomplished individuals. The emphasis on the environment is due to some cultural beliefs in opportunities of self-improvements. English philosopher John Locke (1690/1964) wrote that the human mind is a blank slate at birth. There is no doubt...
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