Analyzing 30 Little Turtles

Topics: Thomas Friedman, Connotation, Indian Pages: 3 (712 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Nick Mathiason
Coach Woodard
English 1301-3

Analyzing Text.

Thomas Friedman, an American columnist, journalist, and writer for the New York Times writes the passage, “30 Little Turtles” to inform a general audience who read the newspaper, of the impact of foreign, outsourced jobs to the people who receive them. Using clear unambiguous sources of actual people who receive these jobs, he creates a personality that he applies to all Indians who receive the call center jobs. A persona of hard working, kind, and ambitious people who love what they do in order to make his audience agree with the exporting of lowly jobs such as these.

Friedman’s organization is similar to many other newspaper articles. Present the background first, followed by the sentimental side, and finished with a persuasive paragraph or two to make the audience feel the way you do. Friedman begins with a humorous, simple quote before he even explains why the quote is in the passage to hook the reader in. He follows this up with an explanation of the accent neutralization class and the purpose of this class so the reader will be informed by the time they get to the emotional hook in the middle of the passage. In the middle he includes interviews and stories of hardworking, earnest Indian people who have gained self confidence from these jobs. These interviews serve to turn the reader to his side and allow them to gain perspective and respect for the Indian people. It portrays them in a good light so as to make people feel good about having the jobs outsourced to such “incredibly enthusiastic young Indians” (Friedman, 543). Friedman concludes with stories of Palestinian men who had no dignity or hope because they had no purpose in their lives. Saying they were “suicide bombers in waiting” (Friedman, 543). Concluding with a comparison of the impact of these jobs in both countries (America and India). This conclusion shows American people, the audience of the paper, that such “low...
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