Analyze a Sociological Issue

Topics: United States, Sociology, Inequality Pages: 5 (1900 words) Published: October 31, 2010
Analyze a Sociological Issue
Social Inequality and Minorities in the United States


In this course I have learned about different social problems in societies worldwide. Some of these include poverty, social inequality, discrimination of race and culture, urbanization, and more. After learning all these subjects and more, I have decided to do my final on social inequality and minorities in the United States. I chose this particular topic because I have seen this in almost every place have lived. I find it appalling that minorities are still not treated 100% equal. We as Americans know what inequality is and know how it is used in our everyday society. I want to explore this topic and show how real and big this issue is. I would like to focus the rest of this paper on inequality and minorities as we move forward. A minority is the group that has the least amount of the same thing. A minority is a group that is different from the rest of the population whether by religions, politics, race, ethnic background or something similar. Minorities in the U.S. are often categorized by race or income. Lower income individuals are usually called a minority or people with lesser education or a low occupation level. Social inequality occurs when people in a society do not have equal rights or social status. Social Inequality can also be when people take their ideas and power to make a group seem more inferior to another group. Examples of this could be when women and African Americans did not have the right to vote. Many rights activist cover most of the topics of social inequality. Equal rights, whether in the work place, to vote, or even education or healthcare, are all topics of inequalities. Minorities are highly affected by this and have been throughout time. They had to fight for the right to vote, to have equal employment, and even equal education. Social inequality is basically just a form of racism towards groups of people. In my opinion racism should be completely unacceptable in society today and for the most part it is. There are still some individuals who chose to continue to live in the past instead of moving on in the future that we all are created equal no matter what our skin color, gender or ethnicity. The first minority to be in the U.S. were the Native Americans. We can look all throughout history and find the minorities and the inequalities they encountered. Native Americans were robbed of their land, their women were abused and they all encountered harsh treatments. Africans were brought to the U.S. as slaves. They were beaten, had no rights, no freedom, and overworked. Women were also treated unequal. Women could not own homes, could not vote, and at one point it was not all right for them to speak without permission. Today minorities still do not have 100% equal rights. Women still fight to be treated equal as well. In some states today, spousal rape is not taken seriously either. Statistics have proven that minorities do not make equal pay in the workplace. The educated white male usually makes the most money. Women make several thousand less than men a year. And minorities based on race do not usually make higher up positions in their occupation either. Studies have shown that the white male makes much more money than the black male, and that they tend to get more benefits as well. White men are often hired for jobs with benefits, promotions, and incentives, while black males are not. Stereotypes are another problem in People can be judged based on appearance and assumed to be part of a certain group. If women dress provocative they are assumed to be slutty or called a whore. If someone is from a bad neighborhood (and especially if they are a minority), they are judged as a bad person. The stereotypes do not stop at race. Race is a big part of stereotypes and is a big challenge because a person cannot change the color of their skin, and it makes them a target for...
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