Analyze the Layers of Security for General Aviation

Topics: Security, Airport security, Physical security Pages: 3 (850 words) Published: May 10, 2013
Analyze the layers of security for General Aviation
When someone uses the term general aviation (GA), most think about a small single engine plane flying over a field or giving site seeing tours. However, after 9/11, that perception changed and people started to realize that small general aviation aircraft could be used to carry out future terrorist attacks. There have been many layers of security set in place to reduce the chances of an attack happening, which has proved to be effective in keeping the gerreal aviation community safe and secure.

General aviation aircraft vary considerably in regards to the risks they pose. The security risk posed by a small single-engine airplane operating in a rural setting is quite different from a large business jets operating in and near major cities. Most would agree that an adaptive, risk-based approach to securing general aviation aircraft and airports that takes into account the unique characteristics of the various distinct components of GA is needed to assure that security needs are adequately met and balanced with economic and operational considerations of the GA industry(3).While the small size and slow speed of most GA aircraft significantly limit the risk they pose, some fear that they could be used as a platform for a chemical, radiological, biological, or nuclear attacks. Certain sectors of general aviation, such as crop dusters and larger business aircraft, present more specific risks because of their unique capabilities and aircraft characteristics.

General aviation security can be a challenge for security experts because of its highly diverse, geographically spread out. They are relatively open compared to commercial airports that service passenger airlines and other protected structures such as nuclear reactors and chemical plants. The threat of harming General Aviation assets themselves is not as much of a concern as terrorists using these assets to attack high profile targets. Another threat is that...
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