Analyze the Character of Count Dracula Portrayed in Chapter 3

Topics: Mina Harker, Jonathan Harker, Dracula Pages: 2 (793 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Analyze the character of Count Dracula portrayed in Chapter 3

Count Dracula is the main antagonist of the novel with the same name. In chapter 3, his character becomes clearer through Jonathan Harker’s journal. Firstly, he was a very prideful of his heritage, the Count came from a Royal and Warrior bloodline and he described his race as: “brave races who fought as the lion fights”. And yet even when the events he talked about was hundred years ago, the way he told them as if he was there. The Count also thought that peace was dishonorable and he longed for the past glory, even so, he seemed to accept the fact that “warlike day are over”. Through this point, we can see that the Count is a creature of the past, he may exist in the modern world (at least at that time in the novel) but he belonged to the far-away past and shouldn’t be here, even the fact that he lived with his three mistresses in an old castle, which at that time in society was not acceptable, seem to confirm this theory. The next point is a small point, but it also support the idea that the Count didn’t belong in the modern world, Count Dracula was a stranger to the modern world, for example, the Count was puzzled with Jonathan’s shorthand letter to Mina. The next point is that the Count also displayed an air of authority that forces Jonathan into obedience, this point was described in the novel as: “…while Count Dracula was speaking, there was that in his eyes and in his bearing which made me remember that I was a prisoner, and that if I wished it I could have no choice. The Count saw his victory in my bow, and his mastery in the trouble of my face, for he began at once to use them, but in his own smooth, resistless way... -Dracula, chapter 3” At this point, it was clear that in this castle, Count Dracula is the master and he claimed Jonathan Harker as his prisoner and Jonathan can do nothing but bow acceptance to the Count’s will. Another characteristic of Count Dracula displayed in Chapter 3...
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