Analyze How the Texas Annexation, the Oregon Boundary, and California Were Examples of Manifest-Destiny.

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Nick Radford
December 9, 2011

Analyze how the Texas annexation, the Oregon boundary, and California were examples of manifest-destiny.

Document A
The Republic of Texas, acting in conformity with the wishes of the people and every department of its government, cedes to the United States all its territories, to be held by them in full property and sovereignty, and to be annexed to the said United States as one of their Territories, subject to the same constitutional provisions with their other Territories. This cession includes all public lots and squares, vacant lands, mines, minerals, salt lakes and springs, public edifices, fortifications, barracks, ports and harbours, navy and navy-yards, docks, magazines, arms, armaments and accoutrements, archives and public documents, public funds debts, taxes and dues unpaid at the time of the exchange of the ratifications of this treaty.

Document B

There was no one man who saved Oregon [for the USA].  If any persons saved Oregon, they were these immigrants from 1843 to and including 1846.

From Dr. McLoughlin: The Father of Oregon by Frederick Holman - 1907

McLoughlin was doubtless aware, no matter what official information he had received from the Hudson's Bay Company, that the claims of both countries to the territory of Oregon were based upon discovery, exploration and  settlement.  So far as discovery and exploration were concerned, the facts were already as well defined and established as they could be.  But settlement might strengthen the claim of either; it was in fact the influx of American settlers into the region that finally aroused Congress, and made the settlement of the boundary question imperative.

Document C

Document D

Document E
Texas has been absorbed into the Union as the inevitable fulfillment of the general law which is rolling our population westward....It was disintegrated from Mexico in the natural course of events, by a process perfectly legitimate on its own part, blameless on ours.... California will, probably next fall away from...Mexico...imbecile and distracted...The Anglo-Saxon foot is already on its borders....All this without agency of our government, without responsibility of our people--in the natural flow of events, the spontaneous working of principles.... Democratic Review, 1845

Document F
Mexico has passed the boundary of the United States, has invaded our territory and shed American blood upon American soil. She has proclaimed that hostilities have commenced and that the two nations are now at war. 

As war exists, and, notwithstanding all our efforts to avoid it, exists by the act of Mexico herself, we are called upon by every consideration of duty and patriotism to vindicate with decision the honor, the rights, and the interests of our country. Polk's War Message, 1846

Document G
John L. O'Sullivan on Manifest Destiny, 1839 
The American people having derived their origin from many other nations, and the Declaration of National Independence being entirely based on the great principle of human equality, these facts demonstrate at once our disconnected position as regards any other nation; that we have, in reality, but little connection with the past history of any of them, and still less with all antiquity, its glories, or its crimes. On the contrary, our national birth was the beginning of a new history, the formation and progress of an untried political system, which separates us from the past and connects us with the future only; and so far as regards the entire development of the natural rights of man, in moral, political, and national life, we may confidently assume that our country is destined to be the great nation of futurity. Document H

It is time now for opposition to the Annexation of Texas to cease, all further agitation of the waters of bitterness and strife, at least in connexion with this question . . . It is time for the common duty of Patriotism to the...
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