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  • Published : October 17, 2010
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The Explanations and Elements of “The Richer, The Poorer

Janell Johnson


September 05, 2002

The Explanations and Elements of “The Richer, The Poorer

This paper will explain how Dorthy West has entertained and thought her readers many lessons thought her short story. This paper will also examine the value of entertainment, and help the reader retrieve a massage that can be helpful throughout life. This paper will also discuss the elements of a plot. The plot is design to show different conflicts, and crisis. (For example this paper show the different life styles, and desire of the two characters. Bess is the kind of person that “lived each day as if there were no other” (La Rocco & Coughlin, 1996, 106). On the other hand, Lottie pushed experiences aside because she did not want to live her life like “skimping and Scraping”. Bess did not seem compelling to live the life style that Lottie wanted her to live. The different events happened in the “The Richer, The Poorer” that shows people against the environment conflict. For example, Lottie’s work environment changed. The boss kid took over the company and felt that there was no need for Lottie to continue to work on the job; therefore, she retired at an early age. She looked for several jobs after her retirement, but she was not successful. Things in the environment started to change, and Lottie was not able to keep up with the technology change. Lottie just could not keep up with the younger and more capable employee’s. Both of the characters Lottie and Bess live to different life style. Lottie realized that Bess did not live a bad life style after all. Lottie saved her money in the bank and it never gain interested. Bess had only the clothes on her back and a suitcase in her possession. Having a fortune was not Bess main concern. She lived in the present and not the future. The Author West showed that Lottie character was very dynamic, her way of life changed at the end of...
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