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Topics: University, Captain Hook, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: October 6, 2011
In the article "The Decline of the Date and the Raise of the College Hook Up", written by England and Thomas, the authors examine how the dating scene has changed for college students. England and Thomas attempt to explain how and why the dating scene has changed and what kids are dong instead. To determine the answers, an experiment was conducted. A few of the essential questions in the experiment were "is the traditional date dying?", "What is the hook up?", and "where do relationships come from?" (England and Thomas 70-73). The basic questions can be found in the opening paragraph of the article and the specific questions can be found as the headers for new sections of information.

To obtain answers to these questions, 270 students from a medium size, private university were used in a case study. The students answered questioners and were personally interviewed to gain statistics and opinions on the hook up scene. Based on these methods, many conclusions were drawn. It was found that over half of students had been on fewer than 5 dates during their 2 years at university. Furthermore, it was found that "dates" usually occur once one is already in a romantic relationship. When asking about hook ups, it was found that only 20% of students had never hooked up with another student. It was also found that a majority (34%) of hook ups only involve kissing. When asking the students how relationships form, England and Thomas found that 44% of relationships lasting 6 months or more started with hooking up. Overall, it was concluded that the change in attitude about sex outside of marriage as well as the availability of birth control has contributed most to the raise of the hookup. It was also concluded that oral sex has been adopted by the college generation as less intimate then intercourse, which has influenced the hookup scene as well.

Overall, I thought the article was very informative. It seemed to accomplish a valid explanation of reasons why hooking up has...
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