Analytical Response Paper #1

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  • Published : November 24, 2012
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Analytical response Paper #1
I have found that both “Kick Back and Endure Being Bored and Uncomfortable” by Clive Hamilton, and William Deresiewicz’s “The End of Solitude” can be efficiently summarized with the great social psychologist, Erich Fromm’s quote, “If I am what I have, then I lose what I have, who then am I?”. Hamilton’s article reflects his view illustrating that he views modern technology as a deterrent for people’s natural ability to not only accept, but to appreciate absolute gratification of solitude. It is this concept of people’s growing disvalue of solitude that both I, and Deresiewic concur with (demonstrated in his essay). I feel that the ability of people’s easy accessibility to social media is nothing more than a barricade to individuality, preventing people from realizing their true self; in doing so they fall victim to what I would like to call “True loneliness”. This concept of “True loneliness” I characterize by a constant bombardment of social interaction occurring solely through technological means. Deresiewic’s essay is a brilliantly compiled work of literary genius that ensnares the perception of today’s youth being consumed by social networking. He does this with references to the sociological importance of one’s self developed during the romantic movement; then goes on to compare them to the his own theory that the “self” has lost significance in this day and age due to social networking. Deresiewic refers to a teenager’s cell phone bill stating that the adolescent had sent over 3,000 text messages from his cell phone in the matter of one month; this means that he had sent a text message once every ten minutes. It is this dependence that has forced both myself, and Deresiewic to find our society’s addiction to technology to be utterly repulsive. When the culture we establish demands that every teenager must have a cellular phone, and must use texts to keep in contact with friends that live mere minutes away just supports how our...
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