Analytical Report on Overall Activities of Icb : a Case Study of Rajshahi Branch

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Analytical Report on Overall Activities of ICB : A Case Study of Rajshahi Branch CHAPTER-ONE

1.1  What is internship?

Internship means practical training through attending the particular work physically. Practical training means a way through which a person or a trainee can gather experience about the related subject practically and be able to apply his theoretical experience in the field of real life action. Practical training paves the way for gaining practical knowledge through activities other than reading textbooks and attending formal academic courses. Practical training is necessary to achieve complete knowledge about something. Internship program is a form of practical training. I firmly believe, practical training can open the inner eyes of a man. The works conducted during the Internship Program will expand the horizon of our practical knowledge. For the students of BBA of the Department of Accounting & Information System internship is an academic requirement. For the internship every student is required to work in a selected institution to enhance his practical experiences. The internship is managed and supervised by a supervisor who is a teacher of the department. For my internship, I was sent to the Investment Corporation of Bangladesh(ICB) under the supervision of Sohel Rana, Assistant professor, Department of Accounting & Information System, Jagannath University. My topic was “An Analytical Report on Overall Activities of ICB – A Case Study of Rajshahi Branch" I have done a forty working days Internship Program from May 30, 2006 to June 19, 2006 in the  Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB), Rajshahi Branch.

1.2  Objectives of Internship

The objectives of internship concern so many things. To be specific, the objectives of the internship program undertaken by Department of Accounting & Information System, Jagannath University are as follows: 1)      Classification of and familiarity with the selected institution. It helps the trainee to know the institution as a national organization contributing to the economic development of the country. 2)      It provides the opportunity for the trainee to see how the theories he learnt from academic lessons are applied in the practice of real life. 3)      It helps him to evaluate the relationship existing among cost, volume and profit of the selected institution. 4)      It teaches the trainee to be able to identify various problems of the institution and ways of solving them. 5)      It prepares the trainee for the future challenges of modern business world.

1.3 Importance of Internship

Internship program is the great importance and significance under the circumstances of the present competitive business world. Its importance is gradually increasing due to the development and expansion of industries. Industries are the main elements of production and supply of consumer goods; Business industries need highly skilled personnel for proper functioning. Internship prepares the trainee for the tough job conditions and future challenges of business activities. The trainee learns how to adapt himself in situations quickly and how to work in a team environment. Internship increases the interpersonal communicate skill of the trainee as it introduces the functioning of corporate institutions. In addition internship helps a trainee to fulfil his practical knowledge and makes him fit for important jobs.

1.4 Chapter Plan of the Study

This report is written to serve the purpose of "Internship Report" for the BBA program of the assigned student in the Department of Accounting & Information System, Jagannath University. The author of this paper was assigned for a forty working days Internship Program as partial fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of BBA in Department of Accounting & Information System, R.U. The selected enterprise was Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB). ICB is a unique name in our country as an investment...
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