Analytical Report of Flinders.Edu.Au

Topics: Web design, Web page, Color Pages: 4 (1100 words) Published: October 28, 2011
Analyitical Report of website:

Student name: Garth Trickett

Student number: 3068276

Tutor Name: Carol Drew

Table of contents
1. Executive summary
2. Introduction
3.1 How easy is it to choose a course and apply for the university it using the website?
3.2 Website Template Layout

3.3 Homepage Layout

3.4 Colour Scheme

4.1 Conclusion

4.2 Recommendations

5. References

Executive summary

The aim of this report is to critically analyse the architecture of the website The information gathered from the analysis will be used to devise solutions to problems with the website. The technique of examination for the website was to thoroughly explore the different pages of the website and grade each area of the website using appropriate criteria. Dave Gehrke (1999) states that” without efficient and user=friendly navigation, the user is likely to get confused, lost or frustrated and leave the site for good”. A resultant survey run by Gehrke (1999) showed that page loading speed and navigational efficiency are the most important things to users. The most important user type that needs to be happy with the website for it to be successful is prospective students as they make a majority of the people visiting the site. Prospective students are more likely to turn into current students if they like the feel of the website. This analyst took on the role of prospective student to test the usability of the website for a new student trying to find different courses and then applying for that course.

How easy is it to choose a course and apply for the university it using the website?

A vast majority of first time users of the flinders university website would be year 12 school leavers who are prospective students looking to check out the unit and possibly apply to it. For this reason the accessibility of the website for prospective students would be critical for the...
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