Analytical Essay on Confucianism

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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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Confucianism, a philosophy ascribed to a teacher whom history identifies as Confucius. Born in 552 B.C.E, Young Kong Qui, as he was named, became an authority on court rituals and statecraft and rose to high office in his native state of Lu in Northeastern China. In 497 B.C.E he resigned from his position when proper rituals were not performed during a state sacrifice to Heaven. After his resignation Confucius traveled to small states, where he attempted without success to employ his philosophy of life and government, his Moral Way, which he believed would return Chinese society to a state of harmony and justice. Thereafter he spent the rest of his life teaching and died at the age of seventy-two in 479 B.C.E convinced that he had failed to halt the moral corruption and political chaos of his day. This essay will analyze the core concepts of this philosophy.

Confucianism affirms the priorities of Confucius and that of his scholars. Filial Piety, the virtue of respect for one’s parents and elderly family members, was indeed the bedrock for Confucianism itself. Filial piety is so important because without respect for your ancestors in what way can you possibly have respect for others. “Filial piety and brotherly obedience are perhaps the roots of humanity, are they not?” This statement made by You Ruo, one of Confucius’ chief disciples, confirms the main virtue of Confucianism, Filial Piety. A key virtue in a “Gentleman” was in fact Filial Piety

“The Gentleman” is excessively prominent throughout Confucianism and is crucial in sustaining “Good Government”, in the belief of “Ren”, in the practice of “Rituals” and in acquiring “The Well-Lived Life”. “The Gentleman” neither favors nor disfavors anyone. He is what the “small man” isn’t, “The gentleman is conversant with righteousness; the small man is conversant with profit.” The Gentleman is adequately a double standard because despite that “The gentleman helps others...
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