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Topics: Abuse, Bullying, The Reader Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Practice Analytical Essay – ‘Faceless Bullies thrive in cyberspace’ (Herald Sun) and Pat Scala Image (The Age) ‘Cyber Bullying’ is an issue that has been closely monitored by media across the globe. The addition of computers, internet and mobile phones has seen an increase in condemnatory comments and instances of intimidation. This has created an alarming fear for children, as they are seen to be vulnerable in today’s precarious society. Dvir Abramovich’s opinion article advocates the need to act against cyber bullying. Assertive and didactic in tone Abramovich employs parents and educators to take immediate action against it. Likewise, Pat Scala’s image accentuates the damage that cyber bullying can have today’s youth, unsettling all readers to take a stand. The Herald Sun’s alarming opinion piece, “Faceless bullies strive in Cyberspace” (20/4/07) unambiguously warns parents, families and all educators of the severe risks and consequences of cyber bullying. By opening with an explosive warning that ‘anyone with access to the internet can intimidate…any hour, any day’ instills a sense of urgency and fear within the readers. Abramovich arouses deep concern whilst discussing the extent of cyber bullying. He lists ‘mobile phones, email, instant messaging, internet blogs and chat rooms’ to further establish the view that cyber bullying needs to be less flippantly addressed. Ironically, Abramovich uses the cliché ‘spread like wildfire’ to manipulate the reader into feeling comfortable with the argument and author. Abramovich’s use of fear cajoles his reader to act against cyber bullying. Changing from alarming to concerned in tone, Abramovich extends his audience by his use of anecdotes. The author discusses a 13-year-old boy who committed suicide after being ‘threatened and taunted…for months’ whilst being called gay. Through this anecdote Abramovich appeals to sympathy for young children who are bullied. Mentioning that the child was called ‘gay’ includes...
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