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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Joseph Ramiscal


English 1A

17 April 2013

Analytical Essay: Happy Meal

Businesses around the U.S. make millions of dollars off of their consumers. To make money off of their consumers, the business must know thier target audience. Once the business knows their target audience, they must lure that target audience to go and purchase their product. One might ask how a business does this. The answer is quite simple, businesses use advertising to entice their consumers to buy their product.

Among succesful businesses in the U.S., few to none are quite as succesful as McDonald’s. McDonald’s is the heavyweight champ of their division, which is fast-food. They are the number one fast-food chain, not only in the U.S., but the entire world as well. A key part to McDonald’s success is their brilliant advertising campaigns and ideas. More specifically, McDonald’s ad campaigns towards children is a huge part of their success. Especially through McDonald’s Happy Meal ads. Children are, well, they’re kids! Their thought process isn’t fully developed yet. They are still in the process of learning right from wrong. What’s fed to a child’s brain is most likley to stick with them for some time. With this being said, is it ethically correct to advertise and market to children? Especially when the food that is served is unhealthy. I don’t believe so.

In McDonald’s “Funky Farm” ad campaign, they focus on trying to get kids to eat healthier. In the ads of this campaign, an animated cartoon character named Ferris, who is a child, looks to get his pet goat to stop eating every thing in his house, (not just the food), by bringing him to mcdonalds to consume a more balanced, healthier meal. Although it is ironic to be using the words, “healthy” and “McDonald’s” in the same discussion, McDonald’s is looking to revamp it’s Happy Meal campaign by using healthier choices of food. Among the new...
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