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  • Published : January 12, 2013
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Find Happiness at Shakey’s!

Happiness found in a pizza parlor? According to this vintage advertisement apparently it is possible for such an experience to occur. This is a 1966 vintage ad for Shakey’s Pizza Parlors. Part of their ad slogan is: “Happiness is a place called SHAKEY’S!” This indicates that by experiencing Shakey’s, you will find happiness through their pizza, drinks, scenery, and crowd. Nowhere in this advertisement does it mention anything reputable about the business regarding length in business, awards won, or who the owners are- which would rule out the ethos approach regarding their credibility. Nor does it appeal to the consumer’s intellect with any consumer reviews or sales facts- ruling out the logos approach. While Shakey’s effectively advertised by using the pathos approach with descriptive phrases such as: “Robustly flavorful,” “you’ll hear the `sound of fun’ like you’ve never heard it before,” and “You’ve found HAPPINESS; It’s a place called SHAKEY’S,” this reels the consumer in emotionally without product credibility and stimulating consumer intellect. First and foremost, the ad includes a giant picture of a pizza with many delicious looking toppings and a missing slice. While the photo is a bit cartoony, it still manages to appear tasty. The ad also includes another photo (or cartoon if you will) at the bottom of a crowd outside the pizza parlor anxiously awaiting their entrance into “happiness.” The ad, altogether, is indicating that by coming to the pizza parlor, you will find happiness through their pizza, “frosted mug of imported or domestic beer,” singing crowds, and “brightly-costumed doormen.” So how long has this parlor been in business? And who runs it? What do customers think of the pizza? We are forced to be sold on the cartoon pizza and the emotional, key word: “happiness.” No credibility? In most pizza ads today, you will see key phrases such as: “Serving our...
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