Topics: Rhetoric, Childhood, Hasty generalization Pages: 3 (840 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Danielle carrey
Period 2
Analytical Essay
In this speech, Florence Kelley discusses and defends child labor. She supports her arguments on the topic by corroborating with a diverse amount of rhetorical strategies.
Throughout her speech, it is painfully obvious what side Kelley agrees with and defends. She should have been careful including others in her opinion as well though because if she was proven wrong, she could lose many supporters in her audience. She makes a hasty generalization when she states, “We shall none of us be able to free our consciences from participation in this great evil. No one in this room tonight can feel from such participation”. Kelley should not have assumed that all of society agrees with her opinions on the topic by including them in this statement if there is the chance of inaccuracy. Florence Kelley was getting her point across just as fluidly by stating sentences such as, “For the sake of the children, for the Republic in which these children will vote after we are dead, and for the sake of our cause, we should enlist the workingmen voters, with us, in this task of freeing children from toil!”. This statement Kelley plays it safer by showing where she stands on the topic and where she believes the rest of society should be also, but it gives her room for inaccuracy.

Many would assume society would agree with Florence Kelley and want to put a stop to child labor, but in today’s times there is no correct assumption. Kelley makes an assumption when she states, “We do not wish this. We prefer to have our work done by men and women”. Kelley may prefer to have her labor done by men and women but what proof does she have of the rest of society feeling this way also? The way she makes these assumptions in her speech puts a hindrance to her main point because it makes her audience question whether or not her statements could be trusted. There are conspicuously a large enough number of people who are okay with this cruel child...
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