Analytic Essay on "Silver"

Topics: Moon, Poetry, Alliteration Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Arsh Shah
Mrs. Murphy
Honors English 1
March 24, 2011
Analytic Essay on “Silver”
From similes to rhyme scheme Walter de la Mare shows what a beautiful evening is really like in this poem.The lyrical poem, “Silver”, by Walter de la Mare, enhances the imagery by repeating the word ‘silver’ to illustrate how the moon shines on everything by using similes and sensory language to describe a beautiful serene evening. Reading this poem the author will draw a great picture of a serene and calm evening in your mind. The structure of the poem, theme and content of this poem is intricate as well and contribute a great deal of essence into this poem.

The theme of this poem is that the moon is very beautiful and the night is very serene. The poem consists of one stanza with 14 lines. This lyrical poem enhances the word silver to show how it shines upon everything making the nature look beautiful. An example of this is when the writer says, “silver fruit upon silver trees…with paws of silver sleeps… silver reeds and silver stream…” , this shows how he used silver to show how everything that was shining was shining silver. Silver shines from the roofs to the stream and the night is great for nature lovers.

The speaker of this poem is a nature lover. This person is reading to everyone and everyone is the audience. The tone is a relaxed and romantic one. It says, “walks the night in her silver shoon…”, which shows how calm the mood is. The mood of this poem is a calm, serene and quiet one. The title, “Silver”, has a significance to it. The significance is that everything the moon shines on is silver making the night a nature lovers night. Another example is, “ silver sleeps the dog….silver claws….silver eye…silver stream..”. This example shows how he used the word ‘silver’ to show how the nature was nice and great to look at or imagine. To portray the night De La Mare uses numerous literary devices as well.

The literary device he uses illustrates a phenomenal...
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