Analytic Commentary: Drawing and Representation

Topics: Childhood, Creativity, Child Pages: 4 (1288 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Analytic Commentary 2 Drawing and Representation
This commentary will focus on a YouTube video (Eastwestman, 2010) and using it to demonstrate how mark-making/drawing is important for creative development in early childhood. Also that drawing for young children is a form of representation, Dyson (1993) claims that it is symbols which are used to express and communicate with others (Anning and Ring, 2004) The child in the Video (I will refer to him Sammy) is exploring drawing materials including chalk and a blackboard. Sammy is freely making marks on the blackboard he needs little active encouragement to do so. It is clear from this that Sammy is acting autonomously and exercising his will in his actions. There must be a clear balance between child indicated and adult lead situations; this may vary from child to child depending on whether they are introverts or extroverts. A child’s creative development requires this balance, according to Bruce (2006), in order to be fully nurtured. Sammy has a range of different colours in which to explore independently. This will in theory enhance his self-image and provide him with a sense of control over his actions (Duffy, 1998). Drawing is important for young children because it is an open ended resource the boundaries for creativity are very wide ranging, this put the emphasis of mark making and creative freedom (Write, 2007). The adult needs to consider the appropriateness of the different materials that are provided for Sammy, taking into consideration the aspect of physically holding the chalk shows that Sammy is developing hand to eye motor coordination (Bruce, 2006). The ideal would be a balance between familiar and new materials to work with so that Sammy is not restricted by the creativity opportunities presented to him; at the same time not intimidated by too much choice of new materials (Duffy, 1998). This is shown by the choice of colours that Sammy has and the familiar by the blackboard being the only medium to...
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